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The machine shown above is a Pen-Ruling Machine, purchased by the Oxley family in 1919. Sadly, it's been disassembled and its parts distributed, but the gentleman who took it apart commented on the quality of  its construction. It would have printed ledger books for another 100 years if the world of ledger books still existed.

Sky Printing takes the salient points from this machine--efficiency of movement, attention to detail, parts that work perfectly together--and applies them to the relatively new world of digital printing.  I believe it's possible to be old-fashioned in a new world.

Thanks for being patient as I put a site together! In the meantime, please call or email!

Sky Printing LLC

338 Montgomery Street
PO Box 442
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 433-3133
Fax: (201) 433-0005
Email: progla@aol.com

Laurie Benjamin
(taking the reins from Progress Printing Co., Inc.
and yes, we're still a Union shop!

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